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Walraft quality tips

For best results, upload an image (JPG or PNG) that’s between 1MB and 35MB in size. Most modern cameras and smartphones take photos suited for printing on most sizes we offer. If you have more questions on image size, check out our Help Center.


Imagine Your Best Photos, At Their Best.

Display Your Favorite Shots In One Frame With Walraft.

Walraft manufactures frames with great attention to detail. You can choose the best frame which better suits to your picture and your own personal taste.

We Have

High quality printing

Large Selection of Frame

Multiple color option in frames

Easy customization and range of size

Wall mount and table mount

Showcase your most cherished memories by displaying your photographs in our collection of Beautiful Photo Frames.

We have a wide range of contemporary, classic, and vintage-looking frames that you will love. Uploading is easy and each photo looks bold, rich, and full of life with our high-quality print. You can select your favourite frame among the set of collections. We offer different sections in frame as small, medium, suggested, classic and large formats. Choose the perfect frame to compliment your picture.


Our picture frames are handcrafted, that means actual eyes examining your picture and real hands framing it with care.

An Integrated Hanging System

The small picture frames comes with table mount and wall mount, you may place them on table or hung up on the wall. Large photo frames comes with only wall mount.
The table mount photo frames are ideal for presenting your wedding memories, and they are perfect for portrait clicks.
The wall mount frames are perfect for large size photos, like nature, travelling memories. Displaying the family photos at the center of the wall symbolizes family love.

Ready to Display

Well, they are ready to put up on the wall as soon as they have been unwrapped from the packaging. Let your walls do the talking with a stylish new photo frame!

How Much Does It Cost To Frame A Picture @Walraft?

We have fixed more affordable rates for our products. The price will include the frames cost, printing, lamination and tax. No hidden fee is included Shipping Is Absolutely Free.

The Price format is listed below

Print Size Frames Price Range
Extra small 6*4 ₹168 – ₹264
5*5 ₹175 – ₹275
Small 6*8 ₹336 – ₹528
8*8 ₹448 – ₹704
10*8 ₹560 – ₹880
Medium 12*8 ₹672 – ₹1056
12*10 ₹840 – ₹1320
12*12 ₹1008 – ₹1584
Large 16*12 ₹1344 – ₹2112
16*16 ₹1792 – ₹2816
18*16 ₹2016 – ₹3168
Extra large 24*18 ₹3024 – ₹4752
24*24 ₹4032 – ₹6336
36*24 ₹6048 – ₹9504

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